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Monday, April 5, 2010

Awesometasticness (my tribute to the ever-growing vocabulary of Elizabeth Potts Weinstein)

Last night I roasted a selection of veggies from my recent Boston Organics deliveries. By the way, I am a total fan of theirs.

So here's my latest success formula:

Awesometasticness =

+ Leeks
+ New potatoes
+ Mushrooms
+ Parsnips
+ Carrots
+ Garlic cloves
+ Shallots
+ Rosemary
+ Salt
+ Olive Oil
+ Grated Parmesan

Chop vegetables, toss together with oil, herbs and cheese, and roast at 425 degrees.

Put in bowl with 1.5 ounces goat cheese + .5 ounce toasted pine nuts.


Big shouts out to my sister-in-law Lauren for suggesting I roast my plethora of potatoes, and to my dear friend Barbara for looking up how to prep leeks for roasting.


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