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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Discovery!

A few weeks ago I found myself thinking.... "I wish there was a way that a fresh supply of high quality vegetables would just show up at my doorstep every week." I've tried and liked using grocery delivery services (Peapod, the now-defunct ShopLink, and the sadly-named Roche Brothers), but I don't need $100 worth of groceries every week - just the produce. Last night, thanks to my friend Michelle F., I learned about Boston Organics. I read about it and registered in less than 10 minutes. Starting next Wednesday, $24 worth of fresh organic produce will turn up on my doorstep weekly. I'm psyched! Have you ever used such a service, in Boston or anywhere else?

Here's what I prepared in 5 minutes for lunch today:
- 6 oz basmati rice (cooked last night while I was cleaning up from dinner)
- 6 oz. peas
- 6 oz. grape tomatoes
- 1 T. Smart Balance Light
- 3 oz. tuna (drained)
- 1 oz. grated Parmesan

It tasted like a healthier version of tunafish casserole, one of my favorite meals as a kid.

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